Glen Clova Kennels Border Collies: Our Border Collies are carefully bred to ensure good health, good temperament and adhere to the New Zealand Kennel Club standards for the breed. We provide support to owners and are happy to stay in touch and offer advice when you take your Glen Clova Kennels puppy home. We have been breeding Border Collies for over 30 years. Take some time to check out our pages. There are litters coming up very soon, so keep checking back.

Border Collie History: The Border Collie originates from the border country of Scotland and England. Bred as a working dog for shepherds, it is said that every Border Collie can trace its history back to the original collie, Old Hemp (1893-1901).

Temperament: Border Collies are a highly intelligent breed, with a natural desire to work. They are energetic, highly trainable and do well in obedience and agility.